Steward Information

Below are downloads you may find useful in completing your role as a workplace steward and officer


If you are interested in getting more involved in UNISON, and would like to become one of our team, please download the nomination form below:

Nomination Form


Workplace stewards are allowed time off from work for training.   Regional Office and the Branch offer courses for activists.  Current courses are listed below, together with application and time off forms.

TRAINING APPLICATION FORM (Must be completed for all training applications)

TIME OFF FORM (Non Lincolnshire County Council) - Time off for courses need to be authorised by your line manager.  Attached is a form for them to approve your time off.

TIME OFF (Lincolnshire County Council employees) - Authorisation for time off needs to be logged on the Agresso System. 

Current Courses

Regional Training Programme - Training courses run by the Regional Office

Preview of upcoming 2018 Courses (these courses will be available on Training page shortly)

ERA 1 day                     Nottingham Regional Office      25 January 2018 

Organising Steward      Lincoln Grafton House              29-31 Jan & 6-7 February 2018 

Advanced Reps            Lincoln Grafton House              19-23 February 2018 

Organising for Safety    Nottinghamm Regional Office   7-9  & 12 13  March 2018 

Thompsons Briefing      Nottingham Regional Office     17 April 2018 

Organising Steward      Nottinghamm Regional Office   1-3 & 14-15 May 2018 

Advanced Reps            Nottingham Regional Office      18-22 June 2018 

Organising Steward      Lincoln Grafton House              2-6 July 2018 

ERA 2 day                    Lincoln Grafton House              26,27 September 2018 

Organising Steward     Nottinbgham Regional Office    12-14 & 22-23 Nov 2018 

Organising for Safety   Lincoln Grafton House              15-16 & 22 23 November 2018 

Organising Steward     Nottingham Regional Office       26-30 November 2018

Organising Steward     Lincoln Grafton House               23-25 Jan & 7-8 Feb 2019

ERA 2 day                    Nottingham Regional Office      29,30 January 2019

Advanced Reps           Lincoln Grafton House               18-22 February 2019

Organising for Safety   Nottingham Regional Office       13-15 & 18-19 March 2019

Thompsons Briefing     Nottingham Regional Office       4 April 2019 

Organising Steward     Nottingham Regional Office       13-15 & 23-24 May 2019

Advanced Reps           Nottingham Regional Office       10-14 June 2019 

Organising Steward     Lincoln Grafton House               1-5 July 2019


Expenses can be claimed for attendance at meetings and training events.  Download the form below and return to the Branch Office:

Expenses form


Case form's must be completed when dealing with members issues.  If further support is required from Regional Office or Thompson's Solicitors, then case forms together with supporting documents need to be forwarded to the Branch Secretary to authorise as appropriate.  Please ensure that all information is scanned to our email at so that records can be kept for 6 years to comply with legislation.


Procedure for dealing with casework (Useful guidelines)

Case Enquiry Form - Use this form to keep brief notes on the case - remember all information needs to be emailed to the Branch Office for member files which we are required to keep for 6 years.


Keep in touch with your members by setting up a UNISON notice board.   Please contact the branch on 01522 554910 for a notice board pack if you have not already received one.


The Organising Space is a secure and safe online resource developed to support our activist and organising communities. It aims to support building relationships, sharing knowledge, learning and experiences.

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