Special Member Deals

This page contains both local and National special deals offered to UNISON members.

This includes cheap car parking amongst other deals, all there to save you money!

Please see below for a list of deals that UNISON has to offer:

UNISON Protect and Rewards

UNISON Free Offer: FREE £5000 of Personal Insurance - click on the link below for more information

UNISON Rewards:  Earn Cashback on things you buy.

UNISON Prepaid:  Prepaid Credit Card earn up to 6% cashback
http://unisonprepaid.com/?utm_source=UNISON_Branc  h&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=JE_UNISON_Prepaid_banner


Credit Union

UNISON works with local credit unions to offer UNISON members:

  • An alternative safe place to bank
  • Affordable loans to suit you
  • Great savings and budgeting plans

For more information download the POSTER here.


Croyde Bay Holiday Resort

UNISON owns this fabulous resort in Devon.  For the latest holiday offers download the documents below:

Self Catering Offer for October/November 2014

UNISON Holiday Club

Click the following link to see the latest holiday deals:



Price check car buying from UNISONdrive

"Its convenient, risk free and there's a massive choice of new and used cars providing the best value for money for all UNISON members and their families"

Click the following link for more information



Lighthouse Financial Advice

We deliver a range of complimentary surgeries and seminars, to UNISON members including:

• Financial Surgery Day: (Surgery Days gives the member an opportunity to have a 30 minute complimentary consultation with a financial adviser.  We arrange for an advisor to be in the workplace or branch for the day and the members can book their complimentary ½ hour 1-2-1 with the advisor.  All we require is a small private room with 2 chairs and a table).
• Pre-Retirement Seminar; (aimed at those within 1-5 years of retirement).
• Mid Life Planning Seminar: (aimed at those with 5-15 years of retirement-typically nearing the end of their mortgage).
• Redundancy Seminar: (to help those involved with financial planning for the future, assist with budget planning in the shorter term through to tax efficient ways of utilising the funds being received).

If you would like me to arrange an event for your branch/workplace, please contact me and I would be happy to organise?  If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further please don’t hesitate to contact John Duffy on 01778 425433 or 07535 991722 or email www.lighthousegroup.plc.uk

Download the latest financial newsletter below:

Money Talk Newsletter

Health and Dental

Why is this UNISON Dental plan better than others?
Leading dental plans only pay half towards your private treatment costs.
So if your treatment bill comes to £200, you’ll only get £100 towards it.
With this exclusive plan for UNISON members you would get £200!

For more information download the leaflets below:



Retired members health plan

This plan will give you money back on everyday health expenses not always covered by the NHS, such as visits to the dentist, optician and more. 

Download the leaflet below:

Health plan


Did you know that with your UNISON membership you can get money off the purchase of a new Vauxhall?  Click on the offers below:

Corsa Offer download POSTER for details.

For further offers visit http://partnersprogramme.co.uk/