Retired Members

Retired members have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

This makes them a valuable part of UNISON Lincolnshire by getting involved in local and national campaigns, or joining us in the Branch Office to lend a helping hand. Retired members also receive legal and many other benefits.

Why do we have Retired Members?

Now that you are retired, we believe that you deserve to continue to go on benefitting from union membership and that a union should reflect the society in which it operates.

Retired membership entitles you to a wide range of local and national benefits. UNISON PLUS provides special offers and discounts for UNISON members. More information is available on our member benefits page.

Why not become a retired member for life for a one off payment of £15.00. Contact our friendly staff on 01512 554910 for an application form.

Our Retired Members Branch Officer, Mick Barnshaw, will be happy to talk to you. Contact him on 01522 554910 or at