About Us

This page gives information about UNISON, it’s membership and what to do if you need help.

Nationally, UNISON is one of Britain’s largest trade unions with more than 1.3 million members. Most members provide public services, either directly through public sector employers such as Local Authorities and the National Health Service, or through other statutory bodies, the voluntary sector and private companies.

Lincolnshire County UNISON has 6,300 members working with around 400 employers, including:

  • Lincolnshire County Council, which comprises about one-third of our membership;
  • Employers who were once part of the Council, such as support staff in Further Education Colleges; Foundation and Academy schools;
  • Private companies to whom the Council has privatised services
  • Voluntary and private sector employees, particularly in the field of social care.

We also have a number of retired members, currently around 1,000.

The Branch has local representatives in many workplaces around the county and they will often be your first point of contact with the union. However, if you don’t know who your rep is, or if there isn’t one where you work, you can get in touch with the Branch Office:

UNISON Lincolnshire, 34 Orchard Street, Lincoln, LN1 1XX
Tel: 01522 554910
Email: info@lincunison.org.uk

For more details, including who to talk to, see the Contacts page.

Administrative staff employed by the Branch are based at the office, from where they provide a general administrative service, maintain membership information and facilitate communication with members. They will handle most queries or put you in touch with an elected Branch Officer, or our employed Branch Support Officer's.

Branch officers and workplace representatives get involved in a host of activities with members, e.g.

  • Individual representation over a problem at work. This might arise because you are being harassed, or subject to a disciplinary investigation, or because you think you are unfairly paid.
  • A collective issue affecting you and your colleagues. Often employers want to re-organise working arrangements and UNISON will consult members concerned and find out what you want us to do.
  • Wider issues that impact on you and your working life. An example is UNISON’s fight to defend the Local Government Pension Scheme, a national campaign with very real consequences for all scheme members.

In addition to such immediate and practical workplace support, there are personal and financial benefits by which members can cover the costs of their union subscriptions. These include UNISON’s own membership facilities, such as its insurance company and travel agency and the reduced price deals it has brokered with a number of firms, including car insurance, mortgages and breakdown recovery.

Both nationally and locally, UNISON has a strong commitment to diversity and equality. The principles of self-organisation are enshrined in our rules and there are groups for members who identify as women, black, disabled and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. In dealing with Lincolnshire employers, we keep diversity high on the agenda, as we believe it has been neglected as an issue in the county. The plight of guest (or migrant) workers is an obvious example of a collective failure in this area.

In all of these issues, UNISON is an organising union that is as strong as its membership. We believe that the old-fashioned principles of standing together, refusing to accept injustice and promoting equality are as important today as they’ve ever been.

There are other UNISON Branches in Lincolnshire, for members in the NHS and related health care employers, Police Staffs and the utilities. For further information contact UNISON’s East Midlands Regional Office on 01158 475400.